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Keynote Speaker: Professor William B. Allen

Dr. Allen is professor of Political Philosophy in the Department of Political Science at Michigan State University, and 2008-09 Visiting Senior Scholar in the Matthew J. Ryan Center for the Study of Free Institutions and the Public Good at Villanova University. Currently he is the Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy at CU (and the only one asked to return for a second year!)

If you have EVER heard Dr. Allen speak you know he is brilliant, kind, funny, and captivating. You will not want to
miss him.

Professor Allen served previously on the National Council for the Humanities and as Chairman and Member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights. He is an expert on liberal arts education, its history, importance and problems.

He has published extensively, most notably, George Washington: A Collection (Liberty Press). Re-Thinking Uncle Tom: The Political Philosophy of H. B. Stowe appears later in 2008. He previously published Habits of Mind: Fostering Access and Excellence in Higher Education (with Carol M. Allen; Transaction) as Chairman and Member of the UMedia Influencer.

Those who have heard Professor Allen speak, continue to search for more opportunities to hear him again!



Master of Ceremonies: Isabel Brown

Ms. Brown is a media influencer and winner of the Western Conservative Summit 2019 Under-30 Speech Contest. Her wittiness and energy will have you enthralled during this evening filled with common interests. She graduated from Colorado State University, and grew up in Evergreen, Colorado.

Isabel is a creator of video series interviewing college students about Constitutional rights.

She has been involved in Turning Point USA and launched innovative recruitment strategies for high school and college students to join student ambassador program; On Facebook, you can find her “On the Front Lines” with Isabel Brown.

Currently she represents PragerU through public speaking and media relations and is attending Georgetown University in Washington DC studying Biomedical Sciences Policy and Advocacy.

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