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The bar for county Lincoln Dinner events was set a bit higher in February, as Boulder County Republicans hosted another terrific evening.  We’re grateful to have such gracious donors, and we especially appreciate the efforts of the Boulder Embassy Suites, their staff, and the presence of the Boulder Police Department.

This year’s keynote speaker was the always fiery Candace Owens.  You’ve seen her appearances on Fox News, as well as the Turning Point USA videos from college campuses.  Her most recent effort is helping minority Americans realize they can escape the victim narrative of the Democratic Party.  How does she know what it’s like?  She grew up as a Democrat and left the party.  Candace is the founder of the BLEXIT Foundation, an organization dedicated to driving conservative principles into urban communities.

Her visit to Boulder was preceded with the usual bullying from progressives and the alt-left.  A video was circulated from a 2018 appearance, and her enemies set out to misquote and mischaracterize one of her statements.  These people hoped everyday folks would never take the time to actually watch the clip and discover the truth for themselves.  Even the Colorado Democratic Party released a statement misrepresenting her comments, and tried to drag Senator Cory Gardner into their lie.  Frankly, we don’t have high expectations for intellectual honesty from the Democratic Party.  Maybe they don’t believe it either, as the Daily Camera reported that only two protestors were present.

Be sure to check out the great work Candace is doing with BLEXIT, and stay up to date on BCR news and events by subscribing to our newsletter.
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